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30 minutes ago

Al Jazeera English

This viral video showing children marked with numbers at US-Mexico border is raising questions.

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So, it is not something bad

Arab Dictator Channel blaming America child abuse.

So what?Al Jazeera English loves barking and oinking.

Did anyone did the same to Trump forefathers when they came settle in the United States?

Truly USA must welcome migrants. USA became power due to immigration.Long live Melting pot.

It is called UNICEF which is tremendously concerned with all children even of other planets except the children being harassed in US-Mexico border.

Dite quello che volete, ma stiamo percorrendo un sentiero pericoloso; e più disumanizziamo le persone (specie se bambini, specie se bambini) più acceleriamo sul crinale. Quel che stiamo tornando a fare, quasi senza rendercene conto e trovando per esso giustificazioni e improbabili motivazioni, attaccando, deridendo e sminuendo chi la pensa diversamente, insensibili alle urla di dolore, agli allarmi che la nostra coscienza -anestetizzata- prova sonnolente ad inviarci.. è aberrante.



of course any party denied it.

They are indeed humanbeings, not numbers .. They must be auwfully respected !

So would you rather they just got lost in the system? You get number assigned to you all the time. Don't make something out of nothing.

Ran out of stars did they?

How many refugees or illegals did Qatar allow each year? Zero

Fruits of democracy

Oh no the migrants wrote numbers on children with a fu**ing pen that will rub off, perhaps make legal entry to the states instead

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2 hours ago

Al Jazeera English

China marks 40 years since it began the reforms and opening up of its economy which turned it into a global powerhouse. But amid a trade war with the US, President Xi Jinping has warned that China will not be dictated to.

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China & Pakistan will be the next Superpowers!!!!!

We love the Chinese people they don't tolerate bullshit .

Bravo China, many should copy your example. The west now leak your shoes.

my money I'm spending on no one stranger than I am. I am helping ourselves silently

This shows that one day Pakistan will also have a better global financial status (hopeful)

Comparing China to India. Superficial conclusion would be: communism good - capitalism bad. 🙂

CCP (Chinese Communist Pigs) rose to power through the persecution, murders and enslavement of tens of millions of their fellow Chinese. Let's also not forget that the CCP purged (destroyed and erased) the ancient culture of China. Yayyyy for reform?

Why does the west act like an entitled little spoilt brat with extreme self esteem issues and jealousy.

China is the future, America is the's that simple.

Indian economy is the third largest economy in the world but Pakistani morons r busy into mocking Indians on Toilet issue !

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