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Al Jazeera English

Audio excerpts have been released of one of Jamal Khashoggi's final interviews.

The discussion, with a Newsweek reporter, was originally confidential - as Khashoggi said he feared for his life.

Here's some of the recording:
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BBC News

If Sir David Attenborough could be an animal for a day, what would he choose? 🐯🐻🙊

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"I love sleep too" - cool story bro

Michelle Kenny awww

40 minutes ago


What do you do when you meet royalty? This little boy in Australia broke the rope line to give Prince Harry a hug and stroke his beard. ... See MoreSee Less


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Of the two brothers Prince Harry seems to have more of their mothers traits.

Children feel when someone love them ☺

Thas sweet. On both.

Why important,,,did he Hug God , also why Australian government allowed blocking harbour bridge for him to walk ,funny

Their joy in meeting this little boy looks totally genuine to me!

Royalty?? 😂😂😂 Well one huge part of world population still lives in 16th century I see

A SWEETHEART just like his mom. So is his wife

I wish we had someone with a soul like this in office. I mean i feel like life would suddenly get better.

If I met prince Harry I would probably do the same 😍😂

Their mother is smiling down from Heaven. Continue to Rest in peace in the bosom of Abraham lady Diana, our princess for life.

Children feel great joy when someone love them as their parents

The way she opens her arms and he goes in for the hug😊

Today, I pray for every person that secretly lives in pain. You cry yourself to sleep every night not wanting to bother anyone. You don’t know what else to do. God knows what is going on. He cares and He sees. He’s already working on your behalf. Rest God has this. Tomorrow, you will wake up refreshed and full of wisdom and understanding in Jesus Name.. Amen! LIKE THIS PAGE IF YOU ARE GOING THROUGH A HARD TIME FOR MORE ENCOURAGING MESSAGES

Sooooo Sweet

He is his mother’s son. ❤️

How sweet ❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful 💞

Lovely 😊

This made my day 💓

wow good

Nice beards



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Al Jazeera English

Watch Al Jazeera English's live coverage of Saudi Arabia's admission about the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.


Saudi Arabia reverses days of denials - admitting that Khashoogi was killed in its Istanbul consulate during a brawl.

US President Donald J. Trump says the Saudi explanation sounds credible.

The kingdom says it has fired several intelligence officials and arrested 18 suspects over the death, while controversial Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been put in charge of overhauling Saudi Arabia's spy agency.

For all the latest updates, click here:
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Read more: Saudi Arabia admits Jamal Khashoggi was killed in a "fist fight" inside the Istanbul consulate -

KSA was silent in order to get enough time for the cover up. Shame

I met him and he was a humble & brilliant man, who was terribly upset about Saudi bombing civilians in Yemen.

no justice in the world

Why did he get killed what led up to them wanting to kill him??

Saudi tortured all of ISIS arrested during the Iraq war

Due process?? Has the journalist used those concepts to refer to anything involving Saudi Arabia?

This is a valued life -- how dare anyone ask us to "move on"!

..rogue killers, rogue consulate, rogue leader, rogue country, rogue people?😛😢

Please stop the hunger for oil and do justice ,we all know this is a criminal act.

one does not get cut up in little pieces in fist fights.Tell this story to the marines.

Doesn't know where the body is ?!😀 what a load of nonsense.

This is totally unacceptable...not being safe in a consulate

But nothing will happen except some innocents got punished to show the world

Evil will always b exposed . It won't can't hide for long time

Am watching from where far away Saudi embassy

September 11/00all were Saudi’s nothings happen to Saudi’s

Shocking and totally unacceptable

Sacking or whatever will is not the solution. Let them face justice

this kind of murder happened in every day by government and royal family but this case exposed internationaly

they weren't aware of the excellent of technology and surveillance expertise

There is no truth in all the Crown Prince claims

No way Prince didn’t know about it.

Mbs must responsible for this killing

We want justice for Jamal khashoggi

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BBC News

Chicken nuggets made from a feather... Would you eat lab-grown, slaughter-free meat? ... See MoreSee Less


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Find out more about the chicken nuggets grown in a lab from cells taken from a living bird. 🐔

Not a chance! It can’t have meat in the name if it’s not meat! Just call it fake stuff! Bacon butty on a Saturday morning and a gorgeous roast beef Sunday dinner it doesn’t get much better 😁

No I would not , I don't eat any genetic modified food

Well it’s better than killing the animal. They don’t suffer and those who want to eat meat can, guilt and cruelty free. 🙂👍🏻

If its safe then yes. Why murder innocent animals for human greed if this is a safe alternative

I don’t think there’s chicken in my chicken nuggets anyway so load me up!

Why call it “chicken” nuggets... if it is not chicken🐣🐥 at all! The debate was which comes first - egg or chicken? Until they grow “it” in the lab.... sorry i can not call it chicken🙉🙉🙉

Stop eating meat, then you will stop craving meat. Then you won't need factory's and machines and millions of pounds to try and replicate it.

That seems like a lot of effort. I mean, Temple Grandin has revolutionized humane slaughter. And we could be spending all that 'lab-grown meat' money on researching and implementing cleaner, environment-friendly everything else.

In 50 yrs you'll be told it's unhealthy and causes some sort of illness. Tjata what sthey say about processed me now!

Isis- I’m curious to know what your take on this is...would you eat it?

Yes definitely. Animal agriculture is destroying our planet. Rainforest cut down for beef or to grow the soya to feed them, hills covered in sheep nibbling everything that could support life, sentient beings treated like objects to produce cheap meat to put in plastic boxes on supermarket shelves. Animal agriculture is incredibly inneficient in terms of land use, water use, CO2 emmisions.

Ummmm no I wouldn't eat something made from feathers. Someone tried to tell me Rice Cakes were good too, but if I wanted to eat styrofoam, I'd eat styrofoam!

Great taste test. Dip it in the sauce! So the taste isn’t ‘chicken’, it’s masked by whatever gunk you dip it in. Perhaps the texture isn’t the same as there’s no muscle development? I don’t know. Just my opinion. Can’t be too different to some of the sludge that started as chicken, degraded, and got washed in bleach to make it ‘edible’ again. 🤢

When we all convert to vegan ism I wonder how long it will be till we're complaining the planet is being stripped bare of vegetation... Look at the consequences of palm oil production for example

Of course. No ethical issues. No animal has suffered. It’s fantastic.

I would eat this, no bother..

sorry, doesn't appeal. think I'll stick to quorn nuggets.

Not enough research on results of consuming this, would want to see the effects of consuming it after years... So right now, I wouldn’t.

Would the living birds, who you get the cells from, be in a lab? 🤔😂

Mary Shelly was an optimist.

That's just the most amazing invention of the century.

So you're not OK with chicken nuggets and turkey twizzlers but you're absolutely fine with growing "meat" from a tube? 🤔

its tasty, is it healthy too ??

I like this. The demand for meat is out weighing what can be produced. I'm intrigued by what they consider cheap though. Will it be cheaper than how current meat production is. What about cost to consumer? It's a brilliant idea though.

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