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"In that time, I was like I have to go now. So I said, 'He's gonna just have to work for this kill.'" James Shaw Jr. describes the moment he disarmed a gunman who killed 4 people at a Waffle House in Tennessee ... See MoreSee Less


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Yeeees. Brave Beautiful Black man. ❤❤❤❤ And yes I emphasized his Race. Get over it. It matters to me, which is why its my comment and not yours.

An unarmed man stopped a shooting in progress. Cry Trumptards cry.

Let me get this straight, a good black guy without a gun stopped a bad white guy with a gun? Absolutely priceless. Well done James!

This man not even armed did a better job of disarming an active shooter than every single acting armed officer on every scene of a shooting.

Can you just see Trump running into the Waffle House grabbing the AR-15 the shooter had? I can't, but I do see him grabbing for the Waffles, bacon and eggs and maple syrup and then running out the door.

James Shaw Jr. Everyone should know this man’s name. What a hero! Why isn’t Trump tweeting about this?

When confronted by the fact that the man who stopped the gunman was, in fact black and had no weapon, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch's head exploded.

Did I miss it or not ,I have not seen trump tweet and praising the guy for his bravery he seems to tweet about every thing else !

And the cops fear for their lives when they see a cell phone or snickers bar

The Real Black Panther!🙅🏿‍♂️✊🏿 This young man could actually teach a class to the police officers who have no basic instincts and only see color when facing a black person (armed or not).

That is why you have to ban magazine capacity to no more than 5 rounds. Simple solution that will turn an AR 15 into a normal hunting rifles, instead of a 30 round weapon of mass destruction

This is what the Democrats have caused. They eroded Christianity, disarmed the good guys, and normalized violence!

Had this man been pulled over and killed by a cop, same people praising him would say he deserved it just on sight of him. Lol

James Shaw, Jr., you are such a brave young man. You saved many lives by not letting him reload the rifle. Thank God for your courage.

The only reason an unarmed person did stop the shooter was because Waffle House is a gun free Zone. Law abiding citizens with the right to carry a concealed weapon left their weapons in their vehicles.

It is sad that lives were lost and many others affected. What makes it more disturbing is Trump only tweets when it is minorities of color committing the violence. Worse yet, few in Congress stated their sadness over the situation. What will it take for Americans to change the mindset that assault / military weapons must not be allowed for civilian possession?

I can’t comprehend the stupidity of someone trying to make an argument by utilizing the bravery and guts of this man, as if anyone’s situation is better off being disarmed against a psycho with a gun.

While this guy is a hero. He is also a very lucky man. Going unarmed against an armed assailant is very risky. This is very rarely the outcome in these scenarios. If this man would've taken the shooter out with a gun CNN would've never covered it. They are just snakes selling snake oil.

These criminals when caught need 4 pit bulls turned loose on them in a 4✖️4 cage. That includes dirty cops that shoot unarmed people. If this kid can unarmed a person with an AR-15 with no training, you telling me that a bunch of trained cops can’t do it, bullsh*t!!!!

His sense of survival took over and he went into high gear to save everyone that he could. This is a man that should be honored as a real Hero, because that is exactly what he is. Thank you James Shaw Jr. for your courage that did save many lives.

So Glad the cops didn't arrive, when the Black guy had the upper hand on the White guy. No question asks, they would have assume, the White guy needed the help, congrats to James Shaw Jr, a Hero, so Glad you're Ok!!

For the love if God, if he so much has a stolen candy bar on his record from when he was a kid, Conservatives are SURE to dig up dumb sh!t to try to discredit this brave young man! 😒

This man is a wonderful example of a decent, thinking human being. Clearly, he put others first and acted heroically. Notice his matter-of-fact tone. There is no boasting, no grandstanding here. What a wonderful person!

Please where is that congressional medal of honor?? I need to see it pinned on this guy! You see, real heros do not only exist in the battle field of war... woman. Well done hero... You make us proud.

Before all of the gun nuts, racists, right-wing nuts, Russian bots and fake profiles flock to this post like they have on every other, I thank you, Sir, for your bravery. You are a true American hero. Thank you.

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BBC News

What would you say to a loved one if it was the last time they would hear your voice?
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I know so many people who are without brains, one of them is the commander-in-tweet in America!

I had to have that last conversation with my father. I was told he could hear my voice even though he couldn't respond.

Wow, this is really great technology! I hope you are healing well, Lon and stay healthy 🙂

I would hold them in my arms and tell them i love them for 10 minutes until their Brain died...

'Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?'

I would ask them to please not publicize, or politicize, our families grief.

As someone who lost the ability to talk for a few years this is a wonderful gift! I am keeping voicemails my Mom leaves on my phone & taking videos of her so I won't loose her voice.. Our voices are our unique mark in this world. To be able to persevere that is amazing! It wasn't 100% his but still just the idea alone is jaw dropping! I remember how much Steven Hawkins wanted to change that mechanical voice especially for children. Here's a cheers to technology! May it continue to advance to help with the little things! Sometimes they're not so little & can make the Biggest impacts!

"I love you, and nothing will ever change that" <3 This post brings mixed emotions here. BUT first and foremost ? POSITIVE ones <3 When my dad had a stroke, 4 years ago, I thought it was the last time that I would be able to talk to him.... I experienced how MY strong dad, lost his pride. He was paralyzed, could not speak, lost the use of several limbs. However, with HARD work, he is now (nearly) fully functional, physically....💪 I spent 6 months, making "liquid" food for him, while he was fighting/training to get his life back....and, the use of his tongue and "swallow teqniques". So, I understand the loss of speach - and the loss of normal eating habits. Lonnie Blanchard ? I am HAPPY to give you some recipies and mental support....if it is of any help to you. Just send me a PM <3

Good luck in the future mate ...great wife too.

This made me realize that how much lucky we are to have such beautiful things like 'voice'. We should be thankful to God for what we have. But we humans always cry for what we don't have.

I love them .Which is what I told my brother when he was dying as I stroked his hair and face .xx.

I will love you until my dying day, and then i will love you still ❤

Amazing technology! Wishing you good health Loni

You are what made me, well me. Thank you for being in my life.

Promise me you will live the best life you possibly can with few regrets and a lot of joy.

It should be I love you

Always remind yourself to think good things and don't do Bad things.

Fantastic. !!!

Carminha Cavalcante me emocionei com esta história. Olha o trabalho das fonos.

Shazo Thank you.

This makes me so happy =)

Sad but great ending

Good news! 🤗

Sunderland are shite

Die miserable - You left me bankrupt ......

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